November 30, 2012

Distracting Style

Yesterday afternoon I saw an older, nearly elderly, woman with a spiky platinum blonde hairdo.  I did a double take.  My kids took note.  Then we went on about our business.

Last year, my children's school lifted their dress code restriction requiring male hair to be above the eyebrows and collar.  This, mostly in a delayed response to the early Bieber hair tossing phenomenon.  Now there is a boy who I mistake for a girl every time - it is the age of Aquarius all over again.  But it doesn't affect my daily routine.

This year, in particular, I have been driven to distraction by the amount of hair flowing out of football helmets.  In some sort of Troy Polamalu-esque display, dozens of college and professional football players have more hair than brain cells.  A couple of weeks ago at an A&M football game, I heckled the opposing team's bench, using colorful language to suggest that some key players needed to get their hair cut.  I told my family I just wanted to walk along and whack off everything that is below the bottom of the helmet. 

This kid got removed from his Hill Country High School class for his "distracting" hairstyle:

When did "fun", "unique", and "spirited" become synonymous with "distracting"?

Sure, he was guaranteed to attract some attention the first couple of days he was at school - but are today's youth so pathetic that they simply can't do long division if someone in the room has an unusual (temporary) hairstyle?  How in the world do they survive Halloween, if they are so easily distracted by alternative hair styles?  I'm no educator, but I have been a lifelong student, and it seems to me that they best way to diffuse a potentially distracting hair situation in the classroom is to face it head on.  Acknowledge the "distraction" and move on.  

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