November 8, 2012


Boom mentioned to me how many Facebook 'friends' she de-friended on election night, most of them fringe acquaintances or friends of friends that had made it into her queue over the years.  She also expressed surprise at how conservatively like-minded a large percentage of those people she would consider close(r) FB friends were.  I am not sure whether that gives me hope or just means that my college freshman daughter and her friends haven't been indoctrinated by the liberal institutions of higher learning where they all currently reside.

I think it would be an interesting statistic, to see how many people made changes to their various social media platforms on election day.  Obviously there is the issue of coincidental timing, but judging by my own meager presence on FB, Twitter and local forums, there were a lot of insults, exasperation, and hurt feelings on Tuesday night.  The spectrum is stunning - there is some very real hate out there, people who clearly have no respect for what is supposed to be an American value of each person having a right to their own opinion.

This is yet another glimmer of hope for me.  Some see it as further division of our country - but a smart person recently pointed out to me how personal intelligence is affected by surrounding oneself with idiots.  It is better for us to divide and unite with like-minded people, because within those like-minded people are still new ideas, open minds, and the ability to get things done. 


InsomniacSeeker said...

I didn't unfriend anyone from FB or Twitter, but that's only because I blocked a few of the more liberal ones from seeing any of my political posts for the past month. I would hide any of their crap that would show up on my FB page in return. Twitter seems to be where it was much more vile and hateful with the comments. The stuff that showed up on twitchy was especially vile. - Tina

KatWA55 said...

The inmates are truly running the asylum. The consequences of this election are gradually dawning on me such as this administration turning our rights over to the UN...Obamacare and all that goes with it..not to mention the economy sliding into the sea. Russia and China sense our weakness and they're building up there military and cruising our coastline. What's wrong with this generation that they think we're immune to collapse because, after all, we are America. I'm just sick about this and in mourning...