October 4, 2012

When it rains

I am supposed to be attending a conference today and tomorrow, but fate has intervened.

I returned late yesterday from a quick trip to visit my ailing uncle.  Two weeks ago he was told that nothing more could be done to treat his cancer.  Due to the rarity of the cancer type, location, and damage done to his body from radical surgeries, chemo and radiation, the doctors didn't even really try to venture a guess at how long he might survive.  My aunt and uncle's first grandchild is due in December and the doctor had said that he might live to see the birth.  He was wrong. 

The trip home was spent mentally compiling the tasks that needed immediate attention, so that I can return as soon as possible, though it will most likely be for a funeral.  I thought I had everything planned out.  Though it would be hectic and tiring, I was going to be able to do everything around the conference.

Somewhere around Guthrie, Oklahoma, I got the call that my daughter was quarantined to the dorm with a respiratory virus.  Boom was a preemie and stared her life with lung issues that have left her with a predilection for pneumonia anytime she gets any sort of congestion-related illness.   Trying to get her appropriate care from 200 miles away isn't comforting right now.  Especially when she is taking three 'this may cause drowsiness' medications and is basically comatose and not answering her phone.

On top of which, Boom's car wouldn't start on Tuesday.  She got a jump, and went to get a new battery only to be told that the battery was fine.  Lost in translation was the need for someone with a little bit of auto knowledge to check and clean the terminals and cables.  I was hoping to get that nailed down, in case the car needs further attention that might require parental intervention over the weekend.     

I went to bed thinking that everything was still on track as long as Boom kept hydrated and didn't worsen overnight.
I got up early, did a bit of research lining up other things; checked flight schedules for Boom if/when we need to put her on a plane to Kansas, checked flight schedules for Mr. H from the various cities he will be in, should the call come while he is out of town over the next couple of weeks, checked my dogs' vaccination schedule and noted that they need Bordetella if they are going to be boarded.  Had a stack of stuff for Mr. H to run to the bank and various places as he traveled for work today. 

I was still on track, getting ready to leave for the conference when The Princess woke up with a raging fever.
Stick a fork in me.  Begged off the conference, got the little one snuggled up on the couch, got the other two off to school, waiting to hear from the oldest and praying that life doesn't deal any more blows (though the swelling around the dog's surgical scar is ominous) before the next wave hits.


kerrcarto said...

Damn. You need a blownstar!

InsomniacSeeker said...

I'm sorry to hear about your uncle. Can you get roadside assistance on Boom's cell phone. I have it on mine and it's been a lifesaver more than once, I can tell you.