October 16, 2012

We're number 8

Been out of town on a whirlwind trip - will catch up on that later.

This caught my eye, as I perused the below-the-fold headlines:
Total consumption of beer in the U.S. has fallen for the third straight year, according to a report published by the Beer Institute, a beer lobbying group. Since 2008, total beer consumption has fallen by as much as 11% in some states. Americans still, however, consume a massive amount of the foamy beverage — an estimated 6.3 billion gallons in 2011. Nationwide, 28.3 gallons of beer a year were consumed for every American of legal age.
And, Texas is above average, with per capita consumption of 34.6 gallons each year, a tie for 8th with Nebraska, among the top ten beer drinking states.
Of the 604,956,568 gallons consumed annually in Texas, I would attribute a good portion of it to Blownstar.  If we push hard, I think we can crack the top 5.
It should be noted that the rankings were based on sales, with no latitude given to other factors.  I could argue about the fact that we can't buy beer until noon on Sundays in Texas - a clear factor in limiting sales in the wee hours after Saturday night imbibing.  The number one state, New Hampshire, is noted as having considerably lower taxes than neighboring states, with the assumption made that many of their sales are from Vermont and Massachusetts residents crossing state lines to buy their beer, thus pushing their sales number higher.  Isn't the Kennedy family compound in Massachusetts?
North Dakota is holding the number two spot, and they are also ranked second for number of binge drinkers.  I think they should get points off for that - beer drinking should be a commitment.  South Dakota is in fourth place.  There must not be much else to do up in the great white north. 
Montana is number three, and I am not surprised.  I have visited several times, having a good friend that resides in the state.  Beer is (or was when I was there) sold, as in package sales, from the bar.  And most people ordered a six or twelve 'to go'.  At the bar I was at, just an average blue collar kind of watering hole, the bartender called out last call, filled everyone's orders, and then went down the bar and dumped everyone's drink into a plastic cup to take with them.   
The rankings didn't say much about type or strength of beer, either.  They did mention that Texas pulls business from Oklahoma, as the Okies tax their 5.0% and higher alcohol content beer at a much higher rate.  I would have liked to have seen info about what beer all those northern states are drinking.  It ain't Shiner, so I doubt their dedication.


CenTexTim said...

I'll take it as a personal challenge to improve our standing...

kerrcarto said...

Damn, my liver is going to hate this study.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

I'm doing my part in Fort Worth !!