October 13, 2012

Weighted Voting

CenTexTim, and, I think, Whited, some time back, posted a link to iSideWith.  I had done the questionnaire before, but did it again, paying special attention to the additional answers offered by the "choose another stance button', completing the extra questions and using the sliding scale that indicates how important each issue is to me.  I wasn't surprised by the overall result, except that I have no idea who Virgil Goode is, even though he is, apparently, my third choice for president.

Which brings to mind an idea - how about weighted voting for the presidential election?  Of course, the first thing we have to do is eliminate the electoral college, which in itself, would likely bring about significant change.

I don't know how you would decide how many votes each person gets - though I kind of like the idea of education level, age and number of years actively voting playing into it.  I like Gary Johnson, and seem to agree with the mysterious Mr. Goode, but think that our best choice right now is Romney.  Let's say in my imaginary system, I get 10 votes, because I have been an active voter for over twenty years, I can show the same number of tax returns, I have never received welfare of any sort, etc..

I would likely throw seven votes Romney's way, two to Johnson and one to Goode.  Support the ideas of 'third' parties having a place at the table, yet mostly supporting the candidate with a chance to win.  Though, in my system, the people that have made up Obama's base would get much fewer votes, and in short order, people like me could stop voting for the lesser of two evils and actually vote for someone who best represent our ideals - knowing that they might actually have a fair shake at winning.

A girl can dream, right?


jeffli6 said...

Electoral votes should be based on success of the states. Unemployment rates, fiscal health, education success rate, and economic strength should decide number of eligible votes. State sucks....votes taken away. Easy squeezy!

The Whited Sepulchre said...

You're close to the idea of "approval voting". Plug it into the search thing on my site when you get a chance.
We used it at the last state convention I went to, and it totally eliminates the idea of a "wasted vote", gives someone besides the Crips and the Bloods a chance, and would kinda force people to examine some other points of view.