October 8, 2012

The obama.com story

As alluded to earlier, there is a campaign finance story simmering.  The ever-mysterious 'sources' say that the story is being quashed by Obama, but a couple of weeks ago, ABC did a story on some preliminary info from the same source document.

The full report by the Government Accountability Institute came out a few days later.  Skip on down to page 63, the 'Curious Case of Obama.com'.  If you read nothing else, note that the Obama campaign owns 392 different domain names, variations of the president's name and/or his initiatives.  They do NOT, however, own 'obama.com'.  That website is owned by an Obama campaign fundraising bundler with 'considerable business ties to China'.  The website is registered anonymously.

68% of the traffic to obama.com comes from foreign locations.  All traffic to obama.com is re-directed to the donation page of barackobama.com.  But there isn't a story there...

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