October 27, 2012

Sleep Interrupted

Anyone checking the news or weather has heard of the elements that are setting up to combine with Hurricane Sandy to form an (im)perfect 100-year storm aiming for the east coast.  One of those elements swept through this area right around 2 pm on Thursday, dropping temps and cutting through with a stiff north wind.

Yesterday the temp never got above 60 F, and by dark it was cooling rapidly again.  Near bedtime it was getting a mite chilly in the house, so before everyone snuggled in, I made a preemptive move to thwart what has become an annual tradition.  Each year when the heat kicks on for the first time, all that summer dust burns off, emitting that smell, and setting off the smoke alarms.  Usually it is a scenario just like last night - we hit the low temp, the house cools as we sleep, the thermostat hits its magic mark, and BLEEEP, BLEEEEP, BLEEEEEEEP go the alarms.

Smarty pants that I am, I kicked the heaters on for a few minutes last night before turning in.  Even commented about how the machines were toying with me, as they didn't set the alarms off since we were all still awake.  Went to bed smug and falsely confident.  Boom, who is home for the weekend to vote(!), commented on how nice it would be to sleep in and I guaranteed her that nothing would disturb her until well after her routine school wake up time of 4:45 am.

How wrong I was.  As the temp dropped into the 30's, the house cooled, the heat kicked on and the alarms went off.  Boom stuck her head in our room, pointing out that it was 4:44 am, Crash came running down the hall screaming 'FIRE' (they must be doing excellent fire safety work during school drills) and Bang stumbled around like a pinball before being directed back to bed.

The Princess slept through it, but admitted to hearing it.  She figured it was a false alarm and said she knew we would let her know if it was something she needed to get up for.  At least now I know which kid to rouse first, should there ever be an actual emergency.

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CenTexTim said...

Just do what I do - take the batteries out of the smoke alarms before you go to bed when running the heater for the first time.

(kidding ... just kidding..)