October 11, 2012

Not My Friend

I am sure that some enterprising tech savvy person will soon string together a video highlighting the number of times Joe Biden referred to Paul Ryan as 'my friend'.  Something like this one about Obama and the "uh" video.  Is there a word or phrase that accurately defines the use of a friendly phrase that is clearly not meant in a friendly manner?

I have steered clear of media impressions of the debate.  I will admit to being biased before watching it.  I think Joe Biden is a dolt.  I can't imagine how he got elected, to any political position. I cringed when Ryan brought up the Romney's charity to a family that was in a car accident - knowing that they next thing out of Biden's mouth would be his own, truly heartbreaking, story about his own loss of a child in a car accident.  Still, just because a guy has experienced hardship, and can show emotion without embarrassment, doesn't mean he is fit to lead.

I think Ryan was professional and sharp through most of the debate.  I think Biden acted like a petulant child.  He guffawed.  He smirked.  He threw his hands up in the air.  He interrupted, and the moderator let him.  He changed the subject, and the moderator let him. 

Funniest line from Biden, "I never say anything I don't mean."  Brought immediately to mind about half a dozen of his most memorable gaffes, from telling a man in a wheelchair to stand up, to telling people that Romney wants to put them back in chains.  Hard to brush things like that off when Biden stands behind every word he ever uttered.

Clearly, the VP candidates have divisive issues.  Clearly, I come down mostly on the Ryan side of the argument, so, even if he were the pouting blowhard in the debate, I would probably say he did better.  I think Ryan is probably a lot smarter than many listening to him.  I think that too many people will take either candidate at their word, without digging any deeper, without searching for their own answers and information.  I think too many people vote emotionally without getting facts to bolster what they think they understand.

Getting back to where I started.  When the phrase 'my friend' is coming out of your mouth, but you smirk and laugh whenever your 'friend' speaks, you come across as a jerk. 


kerrcarto said...

My favorite!

Stand up Chuck!

Fucking ignoramus.


CenTexTim said...

re: your comment that you thought women in particular weren't appreciative of Biden's demeanor - check out this link.