October 2, 2012

Not everyone can be a rockstar

Mr. Harper has an employee that he wants to get rid of.  It isn't that she is incompetent, it is more about being high maintenance and low return.  She never goes above and beyond.  She isn't harming the business, but no one would miss her if she left.  Most likely, in hindsight, they would probably appreciate her going away.  Mr. H mentioned that he had a long talk about these sort of 'just here to get my paycheck' employees with his boss (on the golf course, where all important business takes place).  They didn't come up with any solutions, but I question if they need to.

Is that wrong?  If people come to work, do their job, earn their wage - is there anything wrong with that? Shouldn't it be the ones who do go above and beyond that are rewarded with better pay, better benefits, better opportunities?

It almost seems to me as if this is along the same vein as the 'everybody gets a participation trophy' mindset.  Why do businesses assume that everyone wants to do more work than is required of them for the same pay?  Why does everyone need to aspire to be employee of the month?  

Our society has long lacked the work ethic of the generations before us.  It has also lacked patriotism, morality and the courage of those who fought and died for the basic ideals that have led to the entitlement mindset of this generation.

I blame the government and minimum wage.  They have set the minimum bar too high, leveled a playing field that many people shouldn't even be on.  Invited illegal workers and situations to flourish.

What has changed in our society, educational system, morality, that has led to so many people to be wastes of oxygen?  How did a once adventurous, rebellious, revolutionary country grow to the biggest nanny state this side of Communism?

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