October 20, 2012

I didn't grab no money or nothing, Jesus

Boom called me as she was walking off campus at Texas A&M yesterday.  I was reminded of the Sweet Brown video, 'cause Sweet forgot her shoes when she realized there was a fire.  Boom did remember shoes during the bomb threat evacuation, but what she, and eight or so dorm-mates did not remember, were things like money or identification.  But they all had their cell phones, which concerns me.  I suppose I could try to be more optimistic and tell myself that I have raised a child that has little concern for material things and was solely concerned with communicating to her family during a time of crisis. 

Bomb threats on college campuses have been much too frequent, and perhaps all the more disturbing for those of us with our first child away at school.  Just the day before, Texas State had a bomb threat, and I spent the afternoon concerned about Boom's friends that were there.

It is sad to hope that this was the work of some idiot kid that didn't study for a midterm - though I did read of at least one professor that ignored the 'classes canceled' mandate and moved his class to a safe off campus location and continued the lesson.  He's kinda my hero.  I love that sort of hard ass dedication.

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CenTexTim said...

"It is sad to hope that this was the work of some idiot kid that didn't study for a midterm..."

Quite possible, although it could be some frustrated professor who couldn't face yet another committee meeting with a bunch of clueless administrators.