October 23, 2012

Go Vote Now

I watched the debate on CNN last night.  I like to watch the dial reactions that are shown at the bottom of the screen.  Florida undecided voters sure are a different animal.  They seem independently minded, not grouping together similar reactions for issues that would seem to go hand in hand.  The women's reactions were often at different levels, or at odds with, the men's.

I don't put a lot of stock in their opinion, because this is a group of people assembled by CNN.  Plus it is infuriating, trying to figure out the lag time between when something is said, to when the people react to it, to when it trends on the screen.  It seemed like there were some seriously negative reactions when Obama was interrupting Romney , but it was hard to tell - maybe they were reacting to what Romney said that spurred Obama to interrupt.

There were some clear reactions that were indications that some dial-spinners aren't terribly informed.  There were some positive reactions to things that will surely be rated "liar, liar, pants on fire" dishonest by the fact checkers.  Apparently not everyone in Florida gets the chance to weigh both sides and get factual information (much like the rest of the voting populace).

Bang had a school assignment to watch at least part of the debate and note a "clutter" statement for each candidate.  It took him one question worth to get several sentences from each candidate that had nothing to do with the question.  No offense guys, but this was supposed to be a foreign policy debate, not a rehash of education, jobs, and budget.

In my opinion, it is all over but the crying.  Early voting is underway across the nation and I think that minds are made up.  While I am not terribly worried about an overflowing toilet of such a magnitude that it would keep me occupied for 12 hours on election day and prevent me from voting, I do plan to vote early.  Part of me wanted to go today, but I am waiting for Boom to come home this weekend, so we can go together.  I am not telling her who to vote for, but am confident that I have raised an intelligent young woman who will vote for those who will do the best things for our country, state and county.

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CenTexTim said...

We'll be voting early this week, along with our son who, like Boom, is voting for the first time.

Like you, we won't tell him who to vote for, but we also believe that he has his priorities straight.

Why can't more people be like us...?