October 8, 2012


It gets harder and harder to post something on FOD. Over at GGDF, they have declared every day until the election a FOD, likely because they face the same dilemma I do - an overwhelming amount of material to choose from.

Pick any news site, never mind the cornucopia of aggregating sites, and there are dozens of things to choose from. Obama sticks it to this country every minute of every day, both through the things he does and says and through the things he does not do or say.

I had waited a bit this morning, hoping for the 'developing donor scandal' story that was hinted as being one of the reasons for Obama's poor debate performance. I really don't think it will make much of a difference in the election, but the Schadenfreude is quite nice. Seriously, does the typical Obama voter have such a great respect for the rule of law that they would change their vote (or stay away from the polls) if they find out Blowie is taking money illegally? Oh wait, they are the ones donating it...answered my own question.

I am surprised and maybe a little encouraged by the debate bounce that Romney got.  I don't disagree with any of the reasonable conclusions that have been drawn about the debate, but I am painfully aware that the people that need their minds changed, or made up, don't watch debates.  Or research both sides of an issue.  Or care if their candidate lies, cheats, ignores security requests in Benghazi, treats his family to lavish vacations on the taxpayer, or bows to Muslim extremists and extremism.

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