September 21, 2012

Wish I was in Houston

I wish I could have been in Houston this week.  Words I never thought I would say...still, this week, I would have welcomed the chance to be in H-town.

Gah!  What the hell?  My favorite sign at the local Babe's is the one that says 'Life's too short to live in Houston'.  I hate the humidity, I hate the traffic, and one particularly psycho ex-boyfriend from high school resides in Houston.  I try to avoid it at all costs.

There were two good reasons to brave it this week:

Even though they arrived brandishing an upside-down Texas flag, I would have liked to have seen the space shuttle Endeavour.  The Endeavour not only represents the end of a storied shuttle program, but also represents what we didn't get - 'we' being Texas and 'what we didn't get' being a space shuttle to display, irregardless of the fact that Mission F'ing Control is in Texas.  Thanks, Blowie.  Gut NASA and screw Texas out of a shuttle.  FU.  Would have been nice to see her fly once more, even if she was flying away to CommieMexiFornia.

Also gracing the Houston vicinity this week is a ship, an LCS-3, set to be christened the USS Fort Worth.  This is the first vessel to be thusly named and many of us in the Fort Worth area are mighty damn proud.  They have had her parked in Galveston and open to tours all week.  Had I known a day or two sooner, I would have taken the kids. 

Star-Telegram/Ron T. Ennis

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CenTexTim said...

We escaped from that hellhole 11 years ago. I've been back only once, and that was for a funeral.

I did get to see the shuttle fly in a couple of times piggybacked on a 747 - way cool.