September 13, 2012

Uncomfortably Numb

On Tuesday, the eleventh anniversary of 9/11, as a result of an inexplicable chain of unusual circumstances, my car radio ended up on MSNBC for a few minutes as I drove the kids to school.  Turns out, MSNBC was replaying the Today Show coverage from 9/11, uninterrupted and un-post-attack-analyzed.

NBC happened to be the channel my television was on that fateful morning when I first heard the news.  I remember the exact spot, the house I was driving by, taking my kids to school, when the radio voice first said the word 'terror attack' after the second plane struck.  When I got home, I turned the TV on - and it stayed on for hours.  So when I heard that coverage being replayed on the radio, something in me just wanted to turn it on at home and re-live that morning for a little bit.

Knowing everything we know now - it is interesting to hear the theories and information that was being relayed to the public on 9/11.  It is easy to recall the full spectrum of emotions from the day, that week, those months that led to so many changes in our day-to-day lives.   Most of us had never heard of Osama bin Laden until that day, but his name was mentioned on national television within 14 minutes of the second plane crash.  The 'intelligence community' knew who to look at.

Earlier this week, I read a story about how Americans have become numb to war casualties.  Unless it is a hometown hero or family member, most people aren't even aware when a life is lost in any of the places our military is fighting. 

Is that why there is so little outrage at what has happened in Libya and Egypt this week?  United States Embassies and Consulates are American soil.  Our country was attacked, for all intents and purposes - again - on our own turf.  Four men died.  One of those men thought that their own 'police' forces had been photographing the compound and expressed worry that something might happen.  What in the hell is our 'intelligence community' doing?

Why has the media and the liberal public turned a TERRORIST ATTACK into some political campaign bullshit?  I don't care if Mitt Romney dressed in drag and danced the hula - Obama is the motherfucking president and he should have taken immediate and decisive action to condemn those responsible for this attack and he should have initiated an immediate show of force.  Times like these I agree with the old adage about carrying a big stick.

I listened to Obama's 'statement'.  There wasn't one ounce of feeling, not one hint of emotion in his voice.  I want to kick him in the balls, just to see if anything gets a reaction out of him.

 God Bless the service of the men who died serving our country.  Peace to the families that have lost loved ones.  Prayers for the Marines deploying to the region and those already in place.  This American girl is brokenhearted for the loss and pissed as hell that our government hasn't responded appropriately.

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KatWA55 said...

I'm with you, girlfriend. I was struck by how detached and unfeeling both Obama and Hillary were and the fact that they were reading their statements! I contrasted that with Reagan and how he'd get so pissed and passionate about his principles and any threat to this country. Interestingly in order to post this to your blog I have to prove I'm not a robot. We should make Obama and all of his zombies prove they're not robots. I'm so sick of their talking points instead of offering rational arguments. Sorry for rambling...I'm pissed...