September 25, 2012

The Obligatory NFL Officiating Post

I can't tell you how many times over the past 18+ years I have had the 'life isn't fair' conversation with one of my kids.  Some people have more than we do - money, talent, luck.  Just as many have less.  Life was never meant to be fair (though the president isn't helping me teach that lesson).

In sport, there have always been good calls, bad calls, unfair determinations.  Usually, things even out in the end.  Usually they are few and far between.  This NFL season is an unprecedented disaster.  If this past weekend isn't the tipping point that pushes the league to come to terms with the officials, I think many fans will be lost.  I know that I can't stand to watch anymore.  At first it was morbid fascination.  Well, that and the hope that the Cowboys would be on the receiving end of some really bad calls.  Now, it just hurts to see what has become of the 'sport'.

I, for one, hate all of the non-sport aspects of the game.  I don't like instant replay.  If we are going to rely on mystery people in some booth somewhere, cueing up film that any nimrod in their La-Z-Boy can use to make the correct call, then get rid of on-the-field officials.  Do everything by computer.  Use replay for every play, every call.  I would prefer that we solely rely on the infallible, yet human aspect, of on-the-field judgement.  If they don't see it, maybe you get away with some things - but I think it evens out more often than not.

I don't really blame the replacements.  They are filling in.  They aren't NFL caliber refs.  They are unsure of some rules.  It isn't their fault that the NFL threw them into this situation.  They haven't been respected since day one, and a large portion of the idiocy on the field can be attributed to the players and coaches trying to get away with things they know aren't right (Jim Harbaugh).

I have never seen John Gruden as thoroughly disgusted as he was after the game last night.  Without a wild-eyed rant or foul language, he expressed what nearly everyone must have felt - it was shameful, ridiculous, inconceivable.

Pete Carroll is a classless dick.  I don't care whether he had seen the replay yet or not, you don't grant on-the-field interviews while acknowledging that the game isn't even officially over yet, while making a snide comment that the refs probably didn't even know that they needed to kick the extra point.

There is a refreshing display of good character from some Seahawks:
Marshawn Lynch was sitting in a private room in the back of the Metropolitan Grill, celebrating a thrilling, last-second victory with friends and family members over big steaks and fat lobsters.

Then, with the flick of a remote control, Big Brother appeared and left a rancid taste in the Seattle Seahawks halfback's mouth.

As Lynch watched Packers safety M.D. Jennings snatch the pass out of the sky and pull it to his chest while Tate, who had blatantly pushed off against Green Bay cornerback Sam Shields, belatedly latched on one arm at a time, the running back's eyes grew big and his jaw dropped low. The room was dead silent as the realization gripped Lynch and his companions: Like most of the viewing public, they now understood that the Seahawks had received an extraordinary gift from the replacement officials. 

"We didn't win that game," someone at the table said, and nobody made a peep to challenge him.

By the time Lynch left the restaurant early Tuesday morning and, while waiting for his ride to arrive, reassured a group of Packers fans on Second Ave. almost apologetically that their team would bounce back from this bitter defeat, it was clear the league's already problematic officiating lockout had reached critical mass.

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CenTexTim said...

"Pete Carroll is a classless dick."

And has been ever since his days at USC.

I'm just glad I'm not throwing away my $$$ by paying for tickets. I'd REALLY be pissed then...