September 26, 2012

Subtlety lost

What has happened to our society that subtlety is lost?  Is it the constant news wonk 'analysis' of every word a politician says or doesn't say?  Is it the TMZ types that follow a celebrity's every move and describe them in distinct detail?  Is it reality television that leaves nothing to the imagination?

As I turn out the lights on the organization that I have been working for, I am confronted each day with people demanding explanations as to why our board of directors decided to close down.  Despite a carefully crafted press release, a statement on our website and Facebook, and an email sent to our customer database, none of these people can seem to read between the lines. 

It makes it hard to take the high road, when people can't stop and look at who wasn't thanked or who isn't being recognized in our charitable distribution of assets, and figure out for themselves what the deciding factors were.

I hate to think that our collective IQ has dropped so much that we can't use a little common sense to figure things out.  Clearly, many people, on both sides of the political aisle, do little more than regurgitate factoids and opinions that they heard from a news reader.  I think it would be an interesting exercise, as has been done by some notable conservative groups, to go to a gathering of liberals and ask very simple questions like, 'Why do you feel that way?', and see if they can craft any sort of independently thought logical answer.

I long for the days when people let silence, or lack of specific details speak for themselves.  Silence can be so much more powerful than words.  Now all it does is crank up the rumor mill.

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