September 6, 2012

Sound Effects of the Future

I was parked next to a Prius at the gas station yesterday.  Crash was with me, and my habit is to roll the window down and talk to him as the tank fills.  He was playing some motorcycle racing game on my phone as we waited, and in typically male, five-year old fashion, he was accentuating the game with his own array of sound effects.

I had a girl child first, and since Bang was born, have been in awe of the sound effect talent that comes with the Y chromosome.  Truly, my boys were born with it, especially Bang.  I know that I sure as hell wasn't making any of those sorts of noises during playtime when he was a toddler.  Boys just have this innate ability to add sound effects to their activities.

As Crash added his own engine and squealing tire noises to the game, I looked over at the Prius as it drove away, wondering how kids of the future will signify vehicular progress in their sound effects.  For me and mine, it is the pitch of 'vroooooom, vrooooooom, varooooooom', the pauses and tenor changing to signal the climbing RPMs and gear changes.  What sounds will all the crunchy granola tree hugger kids growing up with electric and hybrid cars make?
'Whhhhiiiiiiiiiiirrrr, pffftssssshhhhhhhhhhhh?

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