September 29, 2012

Rainy Weekend

It's raining this morning, precipitation sorely needed, but badly timed. This would have been the perfect weekend for a myriad of outdoor chores, with the temperature tolerable, no major plans to interrupt the work flow and no Cowboys game to get in the way on Sunday. Instead, we turn our attention to indoor chores.

It might work out better this way, as a local charity is having a garage sale next weekend and needs donations. I can encourage the kids to sort through their pig sties rooms and cull some toys.  This is rather good timing to start in on the 'you won't have room for any new Christmas toys if you don't get rid of the things you don't play with' mantra. 

Or we could pop a movie in and curl up on the couch and blow it all off...

1 comment:

CharlieDelta said...

I love those rainy weekends with a stack of movies and the only time not on the couch is to grab a beer or recycle some beer.

If I could invent a couch with a built-in refrigerator on one end and a sealed mini-toilet/tube-contraption on the other end, I could easily live on the couch for a solid week minimum. No problem.