September 27, 2012

Oh yes we are

The president recently said:
"I still believe that we are not as divided as our politics suggest"
You believe wrong.

I have long had friends with different political beliefs - even living here in one of the reddest counties in one of the reddest states in the nation.  I have idiotic family members that can't separate a single issue that they feel passionate about from a platform that is 99% against the rest of their core beliefs.  I read stories like this and can't believe that there isn't more outrage about these leeches living off the taxpayers.  This woman called in the media for a comment made to her by a Kroger manager about her use of food stamps - and the public seems to side with her while ignoring the other key details in her story:
Nerger said she started receiving food stamps, formally known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, when she became eligible for Medicare and Social Security Supplemental Income because of kidney failure in 2008. While she waits for a kidney transplant, she cannot work because of daily 12-hour dialysis treatments. Her husband runs a carpentry business. "If he doesn't get a call [for a job] we don't have any extra money for the month," she said.
EXTRA MONEY?  WTF is wrong with you lady?  A JOB should be your MAIN source of income, not EXTRA money after food stamps, Medicare and SSSI.  In other versions of the story, she says that her husband's carpentry business isn't profitable enough to support their family.  Then he should go find a job that is. 

And don't give me any bullshit responses about how you can't work because of 12-hour dialysis. I know several people who have been in similar situations.  You can sleep through dialysis, sweetheart.  My neighbor did it for two years, while working, raising a family and being a model citizen volunteer (before her husband donated one of his kidneys to her).  

No, Mr. President, you couldn't be more wrong.  As you continue to push your 'everything should be fair' platform that means working people pay for deadbeats to have the same food, living conditions, medical care and insurance benefits that the working class does, you do little more than breed contempt, class warfare, and division.

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