September 23, 2012

For the Romney Campaign Marketing Geniuses

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to think of three dozen ways that these photos can be used by the Romney campaign.  If I were Romney's body man, I would, right this very instant, be changing every large bill in Mitt's wallet to fives and tens, and making sure there was no more than, oh, let's say, $60 in it at any given time.

I especially like how Blowie is giggling like a little girl as he takes out his wad of cash, while Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is clearly also reaching for his payment.  Is Blowie laughing because Tom doesn't have a bank roll?  Is he tittering at making Tom pay for his own sausage? 

Doesn't he know you should put the small bills on the outside?

I am sure that the Obama campaign thinks it is important for the voting public to see the president paying for his own stuff, not some staffer taking care of the bill.  I bet they are proud of every photo op of the president paying his own way through all the campaign stops at eating establishments.  He's a regular guy, with a giant wad of cash in his wallet.  Hell, just give the guy an EBT card, it's all coming from the same pot, right?

This photo is just to remind Michelle of the many ways her husband supports her healthy eating platform:


Anonymous said...

You never know when you gotta bankroll some hos for your Secret Service detail.

Titan Mk6B said...

Maybe the small bills were on the outside.