September 1, 2012

False Flattery

Got a letter from the desk of Mitt Romney this week...

Having worked on several annual events for school, town and charity, I have learned many tricks of the trade for wording materials, signs and T-shirts, so that they can be used for multiple years.  Rule one, is to not put the date on anything that you might want to use again.  My letter from Mitt followed this rule, with the words 'Monday Morning' gracing the top of the page where the date would traditionally be.

The salutation was "Dear Fellow Republican", where the hell did you get that idea Mitt?  Then, by the fourth sentence, Mitt calls me " of our country's most active Republicans...".  The letter goes on to talk about how important my feedback is to the campaign, with "Every Republican on the ballot this year counting on your input on the major issues..."

The accompanying letter from my good friend (apparently), Reince Priebus, calls me a "top supporter" from a "select group".  He lauds my "active political involvement and steadfast commitment to the Republican Party".  He even goes so far as to say that I am someone "who has a finger on the pulse of your community".  Yeah, I have a finger and a community, but I think you are confused about which finger and where I would like to stick it, in regards to my community.

I don't know what to be more afraid of; the possible outcomes of the election, or the people across the nation that fall for this false flattery.  Does the end result truly justify the means?  Is blowing smoke up people's asses for money really how a candidate can best help the average American family?

I am surprised that Obama hasn't come up with a way that allows people to convert their government aid into a campaign contribution, a "Swipe your EBT for the King" campaign.

Putting it into those terms, I lean toward a completely new and radical campaign finance proposal - candidates should only be allowed to take corporate contributions.  No more individual donations.  Clearly the voting populace is too stupid to vet issues, compare platforms, research candidates.  Anyone that actually believes that they will "play a critical role in helping elect" anyone, as long as their opinion is accompanied by a generous contribution, should go back to bed and try again tomorrow.

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