September 4, 2012

DNC Week

Here we go again.  Later this week the current occupier of the Oval will accept the Dimocratic party's nomination for four more years.

I try to stay informed on important political issues.  I do not rely on the media to form my opinions for me.  Unfortunately, I can't stand to listen to Blowie or his wife speak.  I usually rely on transcripts to draw my own conclusions.  While I could read the speeches the next day, I will miss the important cues from the crowd.  I think it will be important to see and hear what topics and comments elicit responses, and if those responses are positive or negative.

I dread the time suck of listening to a group of people that, to me, represent everything that is wrong with society.  I abhor the class warfare and socialistic values.  I am disgusted by people that will cheer for derogatory comments about good people.

See, that is what is missing in modern politics, especially on the national stage.  Some time ago, politicians lost the ability to separate the man from the issues.  In some cases, the man is the issue - you aren't going to change someone's core values, and those certainly affect policy decisions.  What I am most bothered by, is the inability of the Dims to acknowledge that they can disagree on issues without attacking a person's character.

Mitt's my guy - because he is the person that has any possibility of beating Blowie.  I wonder how many minutes after the opening of the Dim convention it will be, before we hear a disparaging remark about his wealth, his work, his religion or his dog.  No matter what you think about either presidential candidate, there is no argument that Mitt Romney is a better man, a better community member, a better father, even.  There is no lack of back-stories about people he has helped, mentored, cared about.  In fact, one of the core tenets of that (what some people think is wacky) religion of his, is that service is required to get into heaven. 

There won't be any surprise stories about Mitt's extended family living in a mud hut somewhere or in our country illegally.  Like so many of us, Mitt believes in family, and taking care of one another as we are able.  Even the embarrassing drunk uncle would probably get a leg up from Mitt.  Obama never even acknowledges that he has family beyond those occupying the White House with him.

I challenge anyone to present to me, ONE thing that Obama did to serve another, that didn't have selfish intentions.  Find me one little old lady that he helped across the street, one grocery cart that he put back so it wouldn't hit someone's car, one piece of trash he went out of his way to pick up and throw away - all things my 5-year old does on his own.  Show me one human, decent, kind thing did on his way to destroying my country.  

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CenTexTim said...

Don't hold your breath...