September 9, 2012

Before reality TV

I think that I grew up during the golden age of game shows.  I know that there were some greats that were before my time, but I think that the genre really came of age in the 70's.  What is distinctive is the number of shows that included a celebrity participant - Celebrity Sweepstakes, Match Game, $10,000 (and then $20,000) Pyramid, Password, and the Big Kahuna, IMHO, The Hollywood Squares.

The Hollywood Squares was hilarious then, and even more so now, as I better appreciate the humorous nuances and innuendo.  What really strikes me is how sharp and quick-witted so many of those celebrities were.  There isn't much talent like that left in Hollywood.  As a kid in Kansas, I watched the Squares intently during the late summer, as sometimes host Peter Marshall would wear a Kansas City Royals baseball team jacket, in a show of support for his MLB-playing son, Pete LaCock.

Probably the funniest game show of all time was the original The Newlywed Game.  It is hard to believe that the people on the show pro-created and we are still around to tell the tale.  What a bunch of idiots.  Entertaining, but idiots.

You can skip on ahead to The Newlywed Game greatest hits around the 6:30 mark, but there is some Hollywood Squares gold and a priceless Andy Roddick turn on The Weakest Link worth seeing in the middle.

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InsomniacSeeker said...

A few years ago at the office each department had to do a presentation as to what we do in the office. Yes, there are still some people who have no clue what we do exactly. Anyway, my dept - underwriting - joined with the marketing dept and the claims dept and we put on the Hollywood Squares. It was great fun. I went totally out of character and was Charro. I still can't believe I did that.

I remember watching Match Game and getting a lot of dirty jokes that way. - Tina