August 18, 2012

Who's minding the store?

This week, the president of Iran said that Israel's existence is an insult to all humanity.  He, in fact, called Israel a 'Zionist regime' and said that it must be 'confronted' to protect the dignity of all humanity.

A Saudi cleric declared the Holocaust a myth, said that Jews lure children into being sacrifices for religious rituals and that they consume human blood.

Earlier in the week, the Washington Free Beacon reported that a Russian submarine had been patrolling in the Gulf of Mexico

In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood/Arab Spring movement has begun crucifying opponents, including Egyptian Christians.

Thirty-nine NATO service members (mostly Americans) have been killed in insider attacks in Afghanistan this year.  All troops are now carrying loaded weapons on base.

Meanwhile, back in the USA:

Obama's plan to reward illegal immigrants with a no-deport status went into effect.  If you have been breaking our laws for at least 5 years, you just might be one of the 1.7 million that get to stay!

The Social Security Administration and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration were thrust into the spotlight due to their orders for ammo.  Not that I don't believe that they use the ammo for training and preparation, but is anyone else surprised that these groups have so many well-armed agents?  Have you ever met, or even heard of, an SSA agent?  It worries me, because they apparently have full LEO authority - yet if one showed up on my doorstep, armed and demanding something, I would have never believed that they were legit.

Obama congratulated NASA, toured a corn field, bought some beer at a fair, had lunch with Biden to remind him to shut his pie hole, granted interviews to hard hitting journalistic powerhouses People magazine and Entertainment Tonight, continued to tout the importance of wind energy and announced that the Department of Agriculture will buy $170 million worth of pork, chicken, lamb, and catfish - which is good, because the rest of the country won't be able to afford it.

Perhaps most disturbing is the president's blind eye.  It is reported that he routinely describes his wife as 'cute'.
Joined by first lady Michelle Obama in a town square here, he tapped a line he often uses on the campaign trail, that he said in 2008 that he's not a perfect man and would not be a perfect president.
But, he said, "we do have a perfect first lady." She's "the best mom in the world," patient, strong and "cute," the president added.
2012 Olympics - Getty Images


kerrcarto said...

My first thought when I heard that they WEREN'T carrying loaded weapons on base was WHY THE FUCK AREN'T THEY! They are in the Middle of a fucking war. God our government is stupid.

Harper said...

We drove through Killeen last week and had a conversation about how, on God's green earth, do you have one of the largest military institutions in the world, with acres of tanks visible from the highway, scores of arms rooms, etc., and a domestic terrorist like Hasan can stage a mass murder because NO ONE IS ARMED. It is unfathomable that the most qualified, trained and tested marksmen in the world aren't allowed to carry weapons on a military installation. The fact that our deployed soldiers weren't armed is beyond comprehension.

CenTexTim said...

When I was stationed at Ft. Hood back in the 70s I was assigned to guard a bunker that stored tactical nukes. I was given an empty M-16 and a whistle...