August 8, 2012

(Unsponsored) English Riding Coats

I really don't care about what happens in the Olympic village among consenting adults.  I do hope all those young and impressionable athletes are kept a bit more sequestered if the partying and hooking up is as rampant as the media portrays.  Otherwise, boink like it's a medal round, for all I care.

An Australian BMX cyclist (when did BMX become an Olympic sport?) stirred up a bit of controversy posting a picture of a bucket of condoms on her Twitter feed.  The tag line is priceless and brings to mind some great parody lyrics for the old 'Men at Work' song.

From Caroline Buchanan's Twitter
So, what is the controversy?  Athletes having, gasp, sex?  Stereotypical boxing kangaroo cartoon offensive to Aussies?  The glandular play on words? 


It seems that the products pictured in the bucket are not the Official Condoms of the XXX Olympics and are, thereby, verboten.  Olympic officials are on the case and are focusing on Australian athletes as the culprits, though I think they should look at the Poles.

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