August 12, 2012

Things I learned on vacation

Blogger and iPad aren't friends and my four days of vacation was too precious to worry about making it work.

The child prone to car sickness can handle the hills and S curves of the Hill Country (FM 337) without complaint but will hurl on I-35 after 6 miles.

The number of people wearing swimwear not suited to their size or age, in public, is startling. Schlitterbahn has a thong ban, but no rules against 300 pound women in bikinis, or 300 pound men squeezing into the same swim trunks they wore at 150 (funny how a man's waist size can vary so much dependent upon the latitude of the waistband). The amount of hairy ass crack at the water park rivaled the zoo's primate habitat.

Note to transgendered persons: all the pretty clothes, high heels, nail polish and fake boobs in the world can't disguise the male pattern baldness lurking behind your pouffy bangs. 

Old Tunnel State Park has an awesome bat presentation before the nightly emergence and they have one albino bat.

LBJ drank alot and had phones everywhere.  Political leanings and conspiracy theories aside, after touring the original Western White House, the thing that still strikes me the most is that iconic photograph of Jackie Kennedy standing on Air Force One next to LBJ as he is sworn in.  Was she is shock and just going through the motions of what seemed to be expected of her, or was it some show of patriotism and commitment to country?  (The other thing that struck me was the factoid that LBJ signed into law more legislation than all presidents from Nixon through Obama combined have passed.  I wasn't the only small government conservative in the group to let out a moan).

More thoughts when I get caught up on sleep... 


kerrcarto said...

Did yall eat at the Alamo Springs Cafe?

Harper said...

No, but I wanted to. They had a good band playing that we could hear in the parking lot. The bats were not cooperative on their expected emergence time, so we sweated our asses off in the 97 degree heat and 52% humiditiy until 8:30, at which time the kiddos were in no condition, mentally or physically, to eat in a public place. They got drive thru food on the way back to the hotel.