August 14, 2012

The Countdown

We take Boom to college tomorrow.  She is the oldest and first to leave the nest.  Crash keeps asking her when she is leaving 'for good', as she has been in and out with camps and orientations a good part of the summer.  The packing disaster formerly known as my dining room should be a good indicator that The Time Has Come.

I would like to think that my daughter will be the most well prepared fish cadet to ever grace Freshman Orientation Week in the Corps of Cadets.  Considering that she quit running and working out two weeks ago, I am destined for disappointment in that department.  The first ten days are going to be some of the most challenging of her life and I expect to get the 'I want to quit' phone call earlier rather than later - despite the wager we made about it.  I know Boom is capable, and I am trusting that she will get through this having learned a lesson or two about procrastination and listening to one's mother.

What Boom will be is the most well packed fish cadet.  I think that my mom panic has manifested itself as an obsessive compulsion to think through every scenario and anticipate every need my child may have away from home.  She has all the necessities.  She has everything on the required packing list, including suggested and optional items.  Her first aid kit rivals a combat medic's bag.  Runny nose, allergic reaction, muscle ache, rash, cough, sucking chest wound?  Boom can treat it. 

There is no office supply that she lacks.  Need something three-hole punched?  Tabbed, highlighted, whited out?  Stapled, glued, bound, paper clipped, tacked up, wirelessly printed?  Got it covered.

While at 'fish camp', Boom shared that she had packed a jar of peanut butter and a box of plastic spoons in her footlocker for quick protein snackage before PT - an idea that several of her peers admired - my idea.  I already have meal plans and shopping lists mapped out in my head for when she earns the privilege of having a mini fridge and microwave next year.

The grandparents got in on the fun, taking Boom's car while we were on vacation and detailing it.  They washed and waxed, shampooed the carpet, Armor All-ed the leather, cleaned all the glass.  Boom's granddad added a trailer hitch third-eye brake light.  (Actually, it is a fourth eye - she is very visible every time she hits the brakes).  They affixed her college emblem to the tailgate and put an emergency kit in the back. 

Obviously, we are not quite ready to embrace her young adulthood and turn her completely loose.  I am getting there, though.  The sticker shock of the tuition statement dealt another blow, though it hasn't dampened my enthusiasm or excitement for this phase of Boom's life.  Pray for me.


CenTexTim said...

You know, there are stores in the Bryan/College Station area. She doesn't have to pack like she's going on a six month safari in deepest darkest Africa.

re: the car detailing - as a fish, is she allowed to have a car?

Harper said...

Not only can she have a car, but it is the storage place of choice for the items fish aren't allowed to have in the dorms.

There is actually a whole other list of items that she has to purchase after arrival, to 'allow standardization within each unit'.

Buying everything else for her now keeps her off the road and away from poor consumer decisions until such a time that she can be employed and self supporting.

Anonymous said...

Milestones in a father – daughter relationship:

Day she's born
Takes her first steps
Says her first words
Starts school
First date
Graduates school
Gets her first job
Gets married $$$$

Harper said...

Ugh...I saw a headline in USA Today that the average cost of a wedding is $28k+. We like the Vegas/elopement option.