August 7, 2012

One of many reasons...

...why Obama might win in November:  the Republican National Committee.

I don't exactly know when I got on their mailing list.  I suppose it probably happened somewhere along the way from voting in Republican primaries.  I live in a solidly Republican county in the very red state of Texas, so not a lot of RNC campaign money gets spent here.  Mostly they try to raise money in these parts, which has given me a case of ass this morning.

The RNC keeps sending me these 'Presidential Platform Surveys'.  They come in a huge envelope with bold print expounding upon the importance of the time-sensitive documents enclosed.  Much like the Publisher's Clearinghouse sweepstakes of old.  Earlier in the year they claimed to be a census document on the outside of the envelope.  Inside there is a two-page, front and back, form letter with a fake 'registration number' at the top.  The letter, addressed to 'Fellow American', claims that I was selected from complicated demographic modeling using their database of activists, to represent voters in my area.

The letter is filled with bold type and underlining, mostly promoting the importance of my response and the 'callous disregard' the president has shown for the American people (can't argue with that).  Mr. Priebus waits until page four, of course, to request a contribution. 

The 'survey' portion is entertaining, with questions so skewed that answering in the negative would be un-American. 
"Do you support increasing border security to protect the lives of innocent American children caught in the crossfire of Mexican cartel violence?"
(Okay, so that isn't a real question, but they are that ridiculous.  I shredded my survey (it had my name on it) before I decided to blog about it).

The survey ends with three checkbox choices ranging from YES I love Mitt Romney and here is my check, to NO, but here is $15 to cover the cost of you sending me an unsolicited piece of political junk mail. 

If $15 is what it is costing them to send these out - is it any wonder why conservatives are disenchanted with the Republican party?

Not to mention the entire package assumes that I am an idiot.  Maybe they think I am an addled elderly person with nothing to do but fill out snail mail paper surveys and wait anxiously for Ed McMahon (wait, didn't he die?  I guess I'll be waiting awhile) to show up with balloons and a Big Check.

Note to Reince:  try using the magic of the Gorenet to reach voters and stop signing your name to patronizing crap that only gets shoved back into your postage paid envelope  (because I am not in the mood to use my own first-class stamp for the good of your cause).  Enjoy the pennies I threw in for good measure.  While I did it to cost you on the postage, I am sure you will count it as a contribution. 

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