August 31, 2012


Many people, me included, tried to find solace after the election of Obama, by reminding ourselves that were it not for the disastrous Jimmy Carter administration, we might not have elected Ronald Reagan.

For the past three plus years, I have bemoaned the lack of a 'good' candidate. A modern day Reagan of sorts.

I harbor no belief that Romney is that Reagan that we were hoping for in 2012. I do think that he will be a capable president, undoing the most egregious offenses of the Obama administration and helping set our country onto a true path of recovery. He might not be our Reagan, but he is a suitable surrogate.

I do think our 'Reagan' is on the horizon. The RNC has brought to the forefront some very promising political talent. People that rarely speak to me about politics were mightily impressed with the likes of Paul Ryan, Chris Christie, Marco Rubio and others. Their enthusiasm isn't just borne of desperation, they have listened and judged and found the future of conservative politics to have a pulse, a fairly strong one.

I'm not a party girl, but I do hold fast to the belief that every president in my lifetime will be from either the Republican or Democratic party. And unless there is a cataclysmic change of direction in either of them, I'll be voting on the red and right side of the ballot until I die.

Mitt's not perfect, but he's much better than the alternative - and there is only one alternative. He will make a serviceable placeholder as Ryan, Christie, Rubio and the like come of age and lead their party, and hopefully our country, into a future that doesn't forget the ideals of our past.

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