August 2, 2012

Hypocrisy Thursday

I am completely distracted by the media hypocrisy.  It seemed that we had a tiny little window wherein the MSM was running a story here or there that would pick at Blowie a little.  They would cite unfavorable poll results, or carefully craft headlines that belied the bad economic reports.

The media has completely regressed.  I suppose Blowie's team gave them a stern talking to or something.  Maybe threatened to take them of the White House Christmas Holiday card list.

After reading about the Ann Romney wearing a $990 shirt, an act that made her 'out of touch' with average Americans, I shouldn't have been surprised when Moochelle's $6,800 jacket was described as 'fancy' and more appropriate for her meeting with the queen than her previous fashion choices.  Ann Romney is an out of touch one percenter while Moochelle's jacket is 'fit for a queen'.

Then I stumbled on this video:

Lawdy!  You should read the hateful things people are writing in the comments field.  You can click around the Gorenet and read all about what horrible parents this kid has, how screwed up he will be as an adult and how stupid his views are.

Those people have a short memory.  
Obama Kids Music Video

Obama Kid

Be Smart, Vote Obama

Obama Kid Speaks from the Heart

The Obama Baby speaks for America...

I am tired of typing an linking.  Look in the freaking sidebar on any one of those videos.  Is there an end to the Obama-loving parentally exploited YouTube children of Hope and Change?

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CharlieDelta said...

I love the fact that he's wearing a sidearm. Perfect!