August 24, 2012

Has NBC jumped ship?

Mr. Harper, like so many other men (and women, I guess) is a channel surfing master.  Usually it is between sports events, but, regardless, he doesn't stay on one channel much.

Last night, the Rangers game was tied, and a little boring, so he was flipping around when I walked into the room.  He stumbled upon 'Rock Center', a Brian Williams anchored NBC news-magazine show. Last night's broadcast was about the Mormon cult religion faith.  NBC might have just done Mitt Romney a huge favor.  I suspect the GOP, and those traditional-minded, conservative Christians, have done all they can to try to get people to forget that Mitt is a Mormon, when, in fact, they might want to be promoting it.

I am the first person to admit that I have a bit of fun with the Mormon cult religion faith.  Boom has a couple of good friends that are Mormon - and I always poke at her about it.  'Ask Brian if he can explain the magic underwear to me,' and things of that nature.  In reality, those families seem to be quite normal, even better than normal by today's standards.  They spend time together, do community service, are committed Boy Scouts and have conservative values.  What they believe or do in the comfort of their own home and church, as long as it isn't dangerous to anyone, is of no concern to me. 

Get past the polygamy, posthumous baptism, the changing of history through the constant editing of the Book of Mormon, the secretive temple, the iron-fisted tithing requirements, the mysterious golden plates and the magic underwear and the Mormons do some great things.  (I am certainly not ignoring the unbelievable tenets of Christianity, nor the wide range of interpretations and beliefs that seem just as ridiculous to non-Christians as Mormonism seems to Christians).

We started watching Rock Center during a segment about Mormon 'stores', stocked by 110 'Bishops' Warehouse' facilities that supply food and other household products to those in need.  Much of the food is supplied by Mormon ranches, dairies, bakeries and factories.  Most, if not all, of the workers in those enterprises are volunteers.  The tag line from the 'Brother's Keeper' segment is 'We'll help anyone at any time'.  Well, hell, let's get Americans out of the welfare line and down to the Mormon Bishop's office.   Seriously.  They are obviously better managed, better equipped and better able to help those in need.  Important/interesting to note is that those receiving help are asked to WORK, and the Mormon church also has over 300 employment centers around the world.

My favorite take-away quote from the piece is this one:
"The Mormon industrial complex was created to perpetuate self-reliance."
The GOP would do well to remember that a huge percentage of Americans do little more than soak up what the MSM shows and tells them.  I am sure, somewhere, there were some welfare leeches watching that segment last night, coveting the name brand items, the fresh produce and clean stores in the Mormon system.  I am sure there are already welfare leeches that have exploited the Mormon charity.  The church seems to be doing fine, regardless.  I think that faith based charities such as theirs are the best solution to indigent needs - not our government and not the taxpayers.  The GOP should run with this - there is a huge piece of the Obama vote pie to be won by promoting a new way to get free stuff.  If they find a little religion (and some work) along the way, we will all be better for it.  I have nightmares about a welfare nation but I've never had a nightmare about a Mormon nation.

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