August 27, 2012


Having just sent the first of my children off to college, this pisses me off:  Starting with the Wookie and part of a speech she gave last week (as quoted in White House Dossier):
One of the things that I try to remind people, because I always try to remind myself, is that we’re here, we’re doing this work because of our values — because of the values we believe in . . . All of our kids should be able to go to college without a mountain of debt — not just some, all of them.
No, not everyone should go to college.  Not everyone wants to go to college.  Who the hell are you to impose your 'values' on everyone and then demand that everyone shares in the cost?

Okay, but let's just run with the Wookie's 'college for everyone' plan and explore how Blowie is furthering that part of the platform:
The University of Virginia has declined a request to host President Obama for a campaign rally next week, complicating his planned tour of swing-state college campuses to court younger voters.
The school cited the impact of a presidential visit on the university’s academic schedule and strained finances as reasons for turning Obama away.
The college can't afford it, and basically shutting down the campus on the second academic day of the semester isn't how you start the school year off on the right foot.  Kids should be engaged, finding their way to their classes, meeting their profs.  Since the Wookie has been campaigning on 'our values' of getting every kid to college, surely Blowie understands the importance of the undisturbed learning environment, right?
The Obama campaign announced Saturday that the president would still travel to Charlottesville on Wednesday but hold an off-campus rally at the nTelos Wireless Pavilion instead.  The venue is roughly 20 blocks from the center of campus.
Wood said Obama campaign officials “completely understood” the decision and justification for not approving the request.
“We respect the determination by UVA officials that a visit was not compatible with their academic calendar and the needs of the University,” Obama campaign spokesman Adam Fetcher said in a statement. “We will make tickets available to students and fully expect to have a strong UVA presence.”
Ya hear that, coeds?  The pres wants you to skip class the very first week and come hear him speak.   GMAFB.

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