August 18, 2012


First some background music to listen to while you read:

Apropos here tonight.  Texas weather is often a tale of extremes.  Drought answered by torrential downpours and flash flooding.  We couldn't seed the pasture part of the backyard early in the summer (because we couldn't have watered it without being fined), so now the driveway is covered in a couple of inches of mud and manure.  Let me tell ya, there is no fun like scraping, shoveling and relocating several hundred pounds of mud.  The horse is off to greener pastures (literally and figuratively), so maybe we can tackle that erosion issue as soon as they lift the watering restrictions. 

The heavy rain has also halted the aerial mosquito spraying in Dallas county, which is spending tens of thousands of dollars to kill West Nile carrying mosquitoes.  Not to make light of anyone's illness, but is the cost and risk of dousing everything with pesticide really the best course of action?

I happened to time grocery errands right as the storm hit.  Nothing like slogging to the car, sliding around in wet flip flops and getting soaked to the bone.  It cracks me up, how wimpy Texans can be in a little rain.  Having lived in Germany, where sunshine was the rare commodity and rain the daily occurrence, I laugh at the Texas women nearly backing their cars into the grocery store foyer to load their bags.      

Regardless of the inconveniences, no right-minded Texan would wish away this precipitation.  We had four inches Tuesday, and probably another 4+ this evening.  We just don't get that kind of rain in August.  Ever. 

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