July 29, 2012

My Olympic Addiction

And so it begins...

Left to my own devices, I could go weeks without turning on the television.  I have a couple of things that I like to watch, and they are duly set to record for viewing at my leisure.  I get my news mostly online and via the radio when I am driving (I also continue to charitably support the print media with a daily newspaper subscription - I like the crosswords).

Every two years (thank you, makers of that decision) I become my husband.  Parked in front of the television, flipping channels, glued to sporting events for reasons that I can't explain.  Actually, I think it is much easier to explain away a fascination with Olympic sport - the coming together of nations, the tireless efforts of the athletes, the drama, the pageantry, the swimming attire. 

It isn't lost on my family that I was ribbing Mr. H for getting up at the crack of dawn a couple of weeks ago to watch the British Open in real time.  I haven't yet been caught - but have been watching a ridiculous amount of Olympic coverage in the middle of the night.  Any other time I would roll over and go back to sleep when the dogs, or some other noise wakes me.  Now, I think to myself, 'Hmmmm, wonder what Olympic event is on?' and turn on the TV.

In no particular order, I have watched; Swimming, gymnastics, judo, archery, handball, skeet shooting, rowing, table tennis, basketball, volleyball, beach volleyball, cycling, boxing, soccer, fencing.  All since Friday.  It is hard to believe I found time to shower and eat.  I am planning vacation activities around the Olympic event schedule. 

Gotta go - water polo is on live with badminton soon to follow.

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