July 21, 2012

My life is a sitcom v.837.

Boom inches toward actually taking her driver's license road test.  She is a competent, if still a bit under-confident, driver.  Twice she has driven the 200+ mile stretch between home and college.  She has driven in Dallas rush hour, in bad weather, at night and her straight-in parking is sufficient.  The only thing left is the ever popular parallel parking.

Last night, we happened to be near the DPS station where Boom will take her test.  Mr. Harper had met us for dinner, so we had two cars, offering up a sterling opportunity for one of the parents to take Boom to practice parallel parking in the space where she will be tested on it.  Mr. Harper's SUV is three feet shorter than mine, so he opted to take her for a practice round.

The other kids and I headed home to take care of pet and yard chores.  I was watering a drought-stressed Redbud tree when Boom and Mr. H pulled in.  Boom excitedly recounted how awesomely she did for her first time trying to parallel park.  She told me how nervous she was as she had apparently arrived at State Trooper shift change, and that a couple of the troopers sat in their cars and watched her.

Another car pulled in to the lot, waiting for their turn to practice and literally applauded her parking prowess.  She was going on and on, and then mentioned 'the picture'.  She had texted me a picture, but my phone was in the house. 
Boom:  You have to go look mom, I was so close to the curb.  My door was just inches from the curb.
Me:  What?  You mean dad's door.
Boom:  No, but I think it will be harder when I try to park with the passenger side toward the curb.
Me:  Wait.  What?  What do you mean?  When would you not park with the passenger side to the curb? 
Boom:  Well, that is how their practice spot is, you pull in and it is on the left.
Me:  No, you go around the building and enter the drive from the rear.
Boom:  *blink.blink*  DAAaaaaaaaad!

Not just the teenager, mind you, but the grown man.  The one that has had a license for over 30 years.  The one tiny little bit of practice time I ask my husband to oversee and they parallel parked with the driver's door to the curb.  Oh, sweet Jesus.  I don't know if it has sunk in yet that the troopers were likely picking their jaws up off the floor, praying that they didn't have to give the road test to this brain trust - and the other driver waiting was either equally as confused, or clapping sarcastically.

I should probably check YouTube for dashcam video...in the meantime, here is the photo Boom was so proud of:


CharlieDelta said...

LMAO! Well, look at the bright side; if she ever has to parallel park in Europe she'll ace it!

Oh, and you never mentioned how much of a Tommy Tutone fan you were. The version of your 'life is a sitcom' is almost identical to his v.867.

Harper said...

Ya know, I think I heard that song the other day, must have been a subconscious thing. Now I can't get it out of my head.

kerrcarto said...

Now that is funny! I have been practicing with Brandon and he is getting pretty damn good. We have yet to attempt the parallel parking but we will get their.