July 2, 2012


The Washington region scrambled Saturday to recover from a sudden and violent storm that killed at least five people, uprooted thousands of trees and left more than 1.3 million homes and businesses without power in Maryland, Northern Virginia and the District.
Virginia, D.C. and Maryland officials declared a state of emergency as power companies across the region warned that it might take as long as a week to fully restore electricity.
Loss of life, loss of property, a state of emergency in our nation's capital, and the president is showing his care and concern by staying the hell out of the way...he's been at Camp David since Saturday, returning tomorrow to preside over Fourth of July festivities before heading back out on the campaign trail. 

I think I would skip town, too, if a Supreme Court justice seemingly changed his vote to uphold my trademark legislation, my attorney general was held in contempt of Congress and I was getting my ass kicked in fundraising all of a sudden.

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CenTexTim said...

"a sudden and violent storm"

A sign from God - even He wants those losers to get out of town...