July 30, 2012

FOD - MSM hypocrisy edition

CBS hack, Mark Phillips, teeing up an interview with Michelle Obama by raising the issue of Romney's comments about London's preparedness and apparently taking a swipe at Ann Romney (because she has a horse competing?):
Phillips: This time, it’s proving to be about more than sport as well, particularly for some American politicians, perhaps their wives, so how do you think the preparations have gone so far?
Michelle: Oh my goodness, you know, the United Kingdom, they’ve had a phenomenal year, I mean, they’ve pulled off a major wedding, a diamond jubilee, and now the Olympics. They know what they’re doing.
H/T White House Dossier
I am sure Mr. Phillips is anxiously awaiting the opportunity to offer the same air time and opportunity to the Romneys.  Here are a couple of things he might like to ask about:

Hardest ticket in town?

Olympic Imposter
Olympic seats row: parents of athletes turned away from Aquatics Centre in confusion over London 2012 tickets


Widespread use of Twitter and other forms of social media by thousands of spectators lining the men’s cycling road race was to blame for poor transmission of race data, Olympic officials said.

The interference meant race officials could not keep track of timings and positions of competitors on Saturday, which also made it difficult for commentators to explain to TV viewers how the four-hour race was unfolding.

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