July 15, 2012

Feeling Old

My oldest child turned 18 this week.  In a month she will be headed to college as my youngest starts kindergarten.  Boom waxed poetic about 'milestone' birthdays, kindly stopping at 30, as not to remind me that milestone birthdays aren't as much fun on the downside of the hill.

I don't feel especially old because I still enjoy my life.  I sometimes look in the mirror and wonder who that middle aged woman is and what happened to her waistline. I have fun.  I have normal worries but nothing that causes me daily concern.  My family is healthy and mostly happy - my kids keep me active and feeling young.

A couple of weeks ago, I got to hang out with some younger and much better looking folks in Bandera.  Is 'hang out' even the appropriate verbiage these days?

In the course of a conversation, there was a misunderstanding - a couple of us well-seasoned lady-folks were talking to some nice looking twenty-something year old young men (NLYM).  One of the NLYM gave a quick, and quite politically correct answer to a question about me, to which I replied...

Me:  Oh, you're good.  You'll go far.

NLYM: I'm a good f*ck.

ME:  *blink*

I don't remember the rest of the conversation after that comment, we kind of laughed it off and moved on, I think.  A minute or two later it was brought to our attention that NLYM was not making a statement, he was repeating what he thought I said to him. 

Oh crap!  I panicked.  I demanded that we track down NLYM and fix it.  I was mortified.  How do the Demi Moores and Mariah Careys of the world not feel like pedophiles?  I was just misunderstood by a drunk guy and I wanted to bury my head in the sand.

In hindsight, I doubt the NLYM even remembered the incident the next morning.  Unfortunately for me, there was a cell phone video recording of the event, replayed several times for the amusement of those who had missed it the night before. 

Just call me Mrs. Robinson.  

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