July 17, 2012

College Daze

What part of Texas is this anyway?  College Station isn't north, or south, east or west.  It is kind of southeastern middle, I guess.  It isn't Houston, which is good enough for me.  Or Amarillo.  Or Lubbock.  No offense, but if my kid had decided to go to school in any of those towns, it would have been with minimal parental visitation. 

Here I am again, getting orientated.  More accurately, Boom is getting the info and I am getting hit up for the money.  Tuition, fees, books, dorm and dining was expected.  Sports pass, uniforms and dues have been added.  Parking permit. Lab fees.  Foundation membership. 

Of course, the tuition and living expenses are the biggest.   People keep looking at me cross-eyed when I mention that we have saved money for Boom's college education.  No, I don't want a Federal Direct Unsubsidized loan at 6.8% interest with a 1% origination fee.  I have credit cards at lower rates, for goodness sake.   But, they say, you don't have to repay until after graduation.  Yeah, but interest accrues immediately.  No wonder people aren't paying back student loans, they never understood the terms to begin with.

The absence of common sense in our world constantly infuriates me.  The politically correct, nanny state, everyone gets a fair shake mentality is WRONG.  I drove to this town in my ten year old vehicle, clutching my folder of documents showing seventeen years of financial planning for this part of Boom's life.  I want to walk into the financial aid office and point out that the number of iPhones in the kids' hands would pay for, at least, a couple of four year degrees.  These kids don't deserve 'need based' aid, they deserve a real education, one they work toward and for.  One that requires them to sacrifice the wants in their lives.

What did I expect?  People in our country illegally get admitted to state colleges - and they get aid.  It seems being a hard-working white American-born kid is a detriment.   Bang has high cheek bones, maybe our family has some native American blood that I forgot about...

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Titan Mk6B said...

There you go expecting logic and common sense again.