July 7, 2012

Blaming Clinton?

Alan Krueger, the Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, in a post on the White House blog, reacting to the June jobs report:
There are no quick fixes to the problems we face that were more than a decade in the making.
More than a decade?  To be quite literal, 'more than a decade' would have to be, what, eleven years?  But, 'more than a decade', for me, indicates 11-15 years - even up to 19 years (at which point you would say, 'nearly two decades').  I can't figure out if this is a continuation of the 'blame Bush' mentality, or if Krueger is reaching back even further to the Clinton administration.  It would seem ridiculous, by any means, but there is no love lost between the Clintons and Obamas, so I wouldn't put it past Blowie to throw some heat Bill's way.

While we are left to wonder how many years 'more than a decade' is intended to cover, should we take a shot at the length of time indicated by the word 'quick'?   Clearly, three years is 'quick', in the context of 'there are no quick fixes'.

Who are the people that believe this tripe?  Obama has occupied the Oval for three and a half years.  Name any other job that would be satisfied with a manager who, 42 months into the job, was still blaming the decisions of his predecessors, 11 years removed.

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