June 23, 2012

What goes around...

I think it is poetic justice that a man who raped boys in showers is headed to prison and likely to be on the receiving end for the rest of his life.

There isn't much to say about Jerry Sandusky that the 45 guilty verdicts don't already say about him.  Pedophile.  Predator.  Creep.  Liar.  Rapist.  He will get his in the end (pun intended).

No disrespect for the dead, but Paterno got an easy out.  The president of Penn State got off easy, as well.  The two administrators that were aware of Sandusky's deviant behavior will get theirs.  But the evidence of the trial showed that this evil man has been preying on boys for decades.  There are certainly other victims and there are certainly others that knew what was going on.

Before the verdict, one of Sandusky's lawyers commented that,
To convict Sandusky, “you have to believe he was the boldest perpetrator in history, taking these kids out, showering with them in front of other coaches,” Amendola said. “It doesn’t add up. It makes no sense, absolutely no sense.”
'It makes no sense'.  I am sure that each of the victims had that very thought when they were abused by a man they trusted, a man that showered them with gifts and took them to football games.

Sandusky will never walk free again.  Hoping for an early death is probably the most he can hope for and that would suit me just fine.  And for all the other people that knew what he was doing and didn't say or do anything...what goes around comes around.  Good luck sleeping at night.

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