June 15, 2012

Two Quick Thoughts

Two brief thoughts before we hit the campus this morning:

I am not sure what disturbs me more; seeing the actual hair bands of my youth still on stage shaking their asses, or Tom Cruise playing the prototypical hair band lead singer.  Could they not find someone a little younger?  And why can't aging rock stars at least dress a little more appropriately for their age?  Next week I will be reluctantly attending a Van Halen concert, Mr H's favorite band of old.  So help me God, if David Lee Roth is wearing Spandex, I am likely to throw up.

My other thought is spurred by hearing about the millions Obama raked in during his New York City fundraisers.  This after successful fund raising on the left coast a few weeks ago.  What is a million bucks in Cali or NYC worth compared to a million in fly over country?  The cost of living is astronomical by comparison.  I would like to see cost adjusted figures, that account for the differences.

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