June 20, 2012

"They suck and they're blaming us"

During the school year, Neal Cavuto's show filled the radio time slot during my afternoon school pick up rounds.  I didn't always like Cavuto, but over the past couple of years have developed quite a crush.  Yesterday's show ended with a kick ass rant about the big mouthed European Commission President, Jose Manuel Barroso.

At the G20 conference, Barroso, when asked why North American countries should help bail out Europe, he commented:
Since you mention North America, this crisis was originated in North America and many of our financial sector was contaminated by, how can I put it, unorthodox practices, from some sectors of the financial market,” 
This sent Neal on a rant-bender.  Thank God and Fox News that he has a television pulpit to be heard from, because his response was one for the ages!
“For god’s sake wake up and sniff your obviously spiked cappuccino,” Cavuto exclaimed while commenting in frustration on Barroso’s remarks during the G20 summit in Mexico Tuesday. “U.S. banks did not create your mess, you did. U.S. banks did not grant cradle-to-the-grave government protections that were unsustainable decades ago let alone today, you did. U.S. banks did not make austerity a foreign concept in Europe, you did. And U.S. banks didn’t force public workers to retire at age 52 or refuse to ask them to contribute so much as a single euro to their healthcare benefits, or their prescription drug benefits, or their ridiculously–unaffordable spousal and kid benefits, you did.

“You created the safety net and now you’re throwing us under the net? I don’t think so Peppe. We are many things in this country, but even our most gullible institutions aren’t half that stupid.”
The rest of the rant is just as epic.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes:
Our politicians might have been late for that accounting class, but you pathetic, finger-pointing socialists didn't even bother showing up for the class.  No class, no guts, no gumption, no glory.

And the next time you blast the U.S. for all that ails you, remember who magically appears to save your sorry ass every time you can't pay the bills that are hitting you. 

Back-stabbing America's to blame for everything klutzes.
I will tell you what, Mister finger-pointing, overly condescending, Portuguese, holier than thou, constantly lecturing EU Commissioner...we are due a whole lot more than a 'screw you'...
If Cavuto wanted to avoid any European reporting assignments, he probably locked it up with that rant.  Too bad our government won't speak as plainly to those who can't accept blame for themselves....oh, wait...pot, meet kettle.

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InsomniacSeeker said...

I love it when Cavuto goes on a rant! He's very articulate and you aren't left wondering how he really feels about it.