June 4, 2012

There are no sluts in Amarillo, Texas

According to "Rock the Slut Vote", there are no sluts in Amarillo, Texas.  There is a fairly impressive dearth of sluts throughout West Texas.  There aren't any shown in my town, or the immediate vicinity, but I would beg to differ on a few counts.  Time will tell.

Words don't suffice for the sick feeling I have in my stomach for any group of women that would proudly declare themselves "sluts".  I realize that it is tongue-in-cheek, based on their inability to make the distinction between a woman who likes to have out-of-wedlock sex on a frequent basis and then tell Congress about it while demanding free birth control versus actual prostitutes. 

There is no pride in calling yourself a slut, no matter the cause.  I am sad for these females, calling them women seems a stretch and ladies would be a flat out lie.

The hardest part of being the parent of girls, for me, has been instilling in them a sense of self respect and importance, so that they don't put themselves in situations that would compromise their values or allow a boy to treat them in a way that lowers their sense of self worth.

'Campaign' slogans and groups like this are depressing and destructive to the very women they claim to represent.

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