June 5, 2012

That Pesky Second Amendment

I have been annoyed repeatedly over the past several days by anti-gun rights people.  The first occurred at a graduation party - a young man, the older brother of one of Boom's classmates, was a fervent and loud sharer of his political opinions.  Among them, was his anti-gun sentiment and he launched into the tired argument about Britain's gun laws and how wonderful they are. 

And on a local news message board, a predictable battle is raging that began with the news that a soon to open indoor gun range will be hosting birthday parties and offering gun safety education for young people.  Gasp! Children and guns, mentioned in the same breath as 'parties'.  Of course it is just an accident waiting to happen and then won't all of you gun nuts be sorry!  I have learned that I, and my children, are of the sort that some people 'keep their children away from'.  A few liberal moms are in such a tizzy that they suggest any invitation to a children's party at a gun range deserves a call to CPS to report the sender's dangerous and unfit parenting habits.  Many of them are making the same argument about Britain's rigid gun control laws...

If you are a regular reader here, you know all the arguments and have likely made them yourself - so I won't do it again. 

While I consistently try to make intelligent, albeit fruitless, arguments about the erosion of our rights, this one brings me back to a lame, but honest thought each time the subject comes up.

If Britain's laws are so great, MOVE THERE.  I know that is childish and simplistic, but it is the truth.  It isn't a complex concept to understand.

Our country was formed around an agreed upon set of ideals and laws.  In my mind, the Constitution, and its Bill of Rights, are no different than, say, a lease agreement.  We are America, here are our rules and basic beliefs.  If you don't like them, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.  We left that other place because they were always trying to force everyone into a one-size fits all mold.  We chose freedom and I plan on seeing that it stays that way for my great-great-great (you get the idea) grandchildren.

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