June 19, 2012

Stayed tuned for a beheading

Subtitled: How to invite more, and less subtle, cartel violence to America...

The other day I wrote a post about a big raid on a racehorse training facility that was a front for Zeta money laundering.  As one would expect, the Feds just rounded everyone up, from multiple locations across several states, put them in cuffs and led them away to be sorted and charged back at the office.

One of the men arrested was Eusevio Maldonado-Huitron, a horse trainer working in Texas, that had trained horses for the operation.

The first smart thing this guy did was have his public-defender lawyer proclaim quite loudly and publicly that Maldonado-Huitron...
...is an illiterate horse trainer who poses no threat to the Zetas. An associate of Maldonado-Huitron's from El Paso testified Monday that the trainer was actually dismissed weeks before his arrest because his horses were underperforming, which the defense attorney said meant his client was now even less important in the eyes of the cartel.
"Why on earth would they hit my client?" he asked. "What has he done? He's a horse trainer."
Announcing that Maldonado-Huitron is illiterate was a stroke of genius, what a great way to show the Zetas that, if he saw any documents, he couldn't read them.  Highlight his stupidity, his ineptness at his job and repeat how unimportant this guy is to the cartel.

IMHO, that was the last smart thing the defense did.  Apparently, they paraded a bunch of witnesses through the courtroom during the bail hearing - including family (that now have a target on their back as well) to beg for Maldonado-Huitron's release.  And they were convincing enough to get the judge to go for it.

Two thoughts come to mind - either the Zetas have an impressive network of members in American jails or this guy is, in fact, a complete idiot.  Unless there is a credible threat of him getting shanked by some incarcerated Zeta, I think he is safer in jail. 

And no, I have no bleeding heart for this baboso, but I do care about those who might get caught in the crossfire of any action the Zetas take.  They aren't known for quiet murders or hiding the bodies.

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