June 22, 2012

Obese, Homeless and Naked...

....is no way to go through life.
A 400-pound woman decided to strip down to her birthday suit while she sat on a bus bench in Fort Lauderdale on Wednesday afternoon.
Gag.  Can you imagine?  Four kids and mumble-mumble pounds since I was young and lithe, and I don't even like to see myself naked, 400 pounds of naked woman would either be vomit-inducing or wet-your-pants funny, I think.

What really has me giggling is the thought of the people who plopped down on that bench after the scene was cleared.

But I digress.
Patricia McCollum was arrested and charged with exposure of sexual organs in public and was initially held on a $100 bond, according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.
The 52-year-old, who is currently homeless, was sitting buck naked on a bus bench at 3900 N. Ocean Blvd. She claims she was only trying to put on a different outfit.
“That’s why I was changing my clothes on the bus bench. I don’t have anywhere else to stay but bus benches,” McCollum said during a first appearance court hearing Thursday.
Have you caught on to what keeps tripping me up?  Re-read that post title.  Oh, and one other important tidbit:
The impromptu nudist, who uses a walker to stand, currently collects Social Security disability checks, according to her statements in court.
Can someone, anyone, correlate for me, how you can be homeless, seemingly without the means to put a roof over your head, but weigh 400 pounds? 

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