June 21, 2012

Not as young as I used to be...

...forgive the lack of a post this morning.  Went to the Van Halen concert last night, stayed out waaaaay past my bedtime, had to be up at the crack of dawn, ears are still ringing and the kids want to be entertained.  Gah! 

Taking Bang to school this morning, I accidentally nudged the radio dial to CNBC, but didn't realize it for several minutes because they were talking about the need for lower taxes, policies that are friendlier to businesses and good trade practices.  What?  Is the MSM singing a different tune now?  I never listen to their drivel, so their acknowledgement of the no-recovery-recovery was surprising.

I think there is hope for November, especially as long as the big issue is the economy.

More and more news outlets are talking about the overall unemployment trend versus the up and down weekly numbers.  When lumped together and averaged in 4 week chunks, there is a clear uptick.  Those historic lows in mortgage rates don't mean a damn thing when people don't have jobs and the money to buy houses.

The petroleum supply is driving down the price (amazing how that works), but probably not as quickly or as far as would be needed to make a significant impact in most people's wallet and get them singing the praises of the Oval Occupier. 
I hate the erosion of what my family, and many others, have worked for, BUT I would rather scrape by for a few more months if it will help validate an Obama loss.  

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