June 9, 2012

More illegal immigration idiocy

This week, Metropolitan State College of Denver, Colorado, approved a special tuition rate for illegals.
The new rate, which will go into effect this fall, is $3,358 per semester, which is higher than in-state students, who pay $2,152, and lower than out-of-staters, who pay $7,992.

To qualify, a student must prove they have been breaking the law for at least three years:
Three criteria must be met to qualify for the new category of tuition. A student must:
• Have attended a Colorado high school for the past three years.
• Have graduated from a Colorado high school or gotten a general equivalency diploma in the state.
• Provide proof they are in good legal standing, other than their undocumented status, and that they plan to seek lawful status when eligible.
 The article, in the Denver Post, is full of bile-inducing quotes from illegal immigrant students explaining what they "deserve" and from school officials that admit the rule change circumvents the actions of their state legislature (which had voted against a similar statewide measure five times).

Metro expects up to 300 illegals to enroll this fall.

In my world, we would call that a golden opportunity for ICE to know where to pick up 300 offenders.  No reconnaissance needed, no fake lottery win, no sting operation - get their class schedule from the registrar and make the rounds.

I can't comprehend why immigration laws are not just ignored, but openly defied.  It infuriates me daily.  There is no argument that can be made to me on why it is acceptable, as a nation, to not only  turn a blind eye to illegals, but to recognize them, praise them and reward them with a reduced tuition rate.  Hell. No.

And Metro College should lose their accreditation and any state or federal funding.  They are willfully encouraging lawlessness.


CenTexTim said...

The only legal knowledge I have comes from watching endless reruns of Law & Order, but can't whatever moonbats that approved that tuition schedule be charged as accessories to breaking immigration laws?

Of course, that would be a federal crime, so as long as holder is befouling the office of Attorney General no action will be taken.

bomb airplane toxic chemical biohazard assassinate disaster explosion hostages anthrax attack nuclear

(The above were just to get the attention of DHS on the off chance that someone might decide to get off their big fat bureaucratic ass and do something useful like, oh, I don't know ... maybe enforce some laws...?)

There I stood said...

I agree, being ILLEGAL is AGAINST the law, so that's a no go from the start (assuming you meant NOT "breaking the law for at least three years:"
If they are illegal, they are breaking the law, no need to look any further.

InsomniacSeeker said...

"To qualify, a student must prove they have been breaking the law for at least three years" - love the interpretation.

Seriously, why would they go through with "the plan to seek lawful status when eligible" after they have a college diploma from the US?

Harper said...

And three years of high school means that American taxpayers have already provided them with an education.

It really couldn't be that hard to come up with a cafeteria plan for tax payers. Check the boxes for the programs you are willing for your money to support. For me, I skip the ones for giving things to criminals (which illegals are) and I would check the boxes to fund programs that round them up and ship their asses home.