June 14, 2012

HBO not standing behind their man

I am on the road with Boom, one of several trips to college for various registration tasks. We are staying in a small historic hotel. By historic, I mean next to the railroad tracks. Didn't get much sleep.

Clicked on the TV and was greeted with the story that HBO's Game of Thrones used a prop head resembling George Bush in several scenes of their first season. The show's creators even talk about it on the DVD commentary.
“It’s not a choice, not a political statement!” one of the writers say during the commentary. “We just had to use what heads we had around.” 
What a bunch of crap. HBO has apologized and says that part of the commentary won't be on future DVD releases. That DVD has been out for months. Surely someone watched, edited, reviewed the commentary before the DVD went to production. Seemingly no one at HBO was concerned until the story hit the news. And Obama started polling bad.

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